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Minerals Resort Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, we had the honor to photograph Pat & Gina's wedding at the Mineral Resorts & Spa in Vernon Township, NJ.

As we started drafting this blog, a few things stood out right away from our memories. The stunning bride in her gorgeous Katie May gown, the attention to every detail to the extent that the talented bride, Gina, had even had-made the decor pieces for her wedding day, and finally, the crazy weather we had on their big day.

We had experienced everything, from the extreme humidity to torrential rain during the ceremony to the absolutely amazing evening skies which they truly deserved!

We love to talk about the weather, especially the kind we had on Pat and Gina's wedding day because while you can control everything, nature has its own plans. Bad weather can easily hamper your mood, especially when you've worked so hard for your wedding day. For this reason, we always like to highlight the couples and give them kudos for taking it with the biggest smile whatever nature has to give them on their well-awaited day of life and make the most of it. Thanks, Pat and Gina, for being such great troopers. Your warm love for each other and your upbeat attitude throughout the day made our experience so much fun and memorable.

Enjoy the sneak peek, which speaks for itself of the beautiful & fun wedding you had!

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Location: 1 Stonehill Dr, Vernon Township, NJ 07462.



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