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Wow! What an amazing time we had photographing these two in Brooklyn, NY besides having an absolute honor to photograph a fellow photographer!

Michelle is a photographer herself and when she reached out to us with her destination wedding plans at the Marco Islands in Florida in 2018, we were ecstatic to be a part of it - for a very significant reason. A few years ago we happened to meet Michelle while working on a separate project and became friends. Back then she had mentioned to us that when the time was right she will contact us. We’d been waiting to photograph this charismatic couple since! She remained true to her words and here we are!

Michelle & Jake not only make a stunning couple, but the love and chemistry between them are warm and adorable. They are humble and a blast to be around!

We spent our afternoon and early evening photographing all over Brooklyn and what a thrill it was! With Jake driving us, we literally chased the golden hour which got Michelle a bit nervous about Jake’s driving. Haha... We thought Jake is a fantastic driver and was absolutely smooth in the Brooklyn traffic. ;) He was able to bring us all safe and sound and on time which helped us deliver some pretty mesmerizing memories.

Michelle & Jake - thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be your photographers; it is truly an honor. We are excited for you and cannot wait to photograph your wedding in Florida next year!

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Brooklyn, NY engagement shoot by NJ wedding photographer Ishan Fotografi.

Location: Manhattan, New York, NY.



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