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The fiery warmth of a marigold flower connotes positive energy and good luck at an Indian wedding, which takes proper form at The Marigold, a wedding venue located in Somerset, NJ. This wedding venue in New Jersey boasts a luxurious space of 36,000 square feet; The Marigold is a beautiful venue to host your sacred union. This wedding venue space is nothing short of extravagant - it boasts state-of-the-art facilities such as well-manicured gardens, luxurious ballrooms, elegant gazebos, and much more to add to your joyous wedding celebration. We have photographed multiple weddings at this wedding venue - fusion wedding ceremonies, South Asian weddings, Catholic weddings, to name a few and we’ve had a fantastic experience photographing weddings at The Marigold in Somerset, New Jersey.

The day before or after your wedding could turn into a fun, memorable trip with your family and wedding guests! The Marigold is located on Churchill Ave, just minutes away from the New Jersey Turnpike. The wedding venue is conveniently located close to other attractions in Somerset, like Colonial Park on Mettler's road and The Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Reserve in Princeton. These are beautiful places to visit in Somerset, with beautiful rose gardens (RUDOLF W. VAN DER GOOT ROSE GARDEN), nature trails, and exclusive bird-watching opportunities.

For your wedding ceremony or your wedding reception, whether you prefer a small, intimate wedding or like to celebrate your love grandly, The Marigold wedding venue has what you need. The Marigold wedding venue features two separate ballrooms that bring rustic and modern themes alive. The Marigold Ballroom comfortably seats 550 wedding guests while still leaving ample space for a fun dance-off, and this makes the venue an instant yes for big fat South Asian weddings. The Sandalwood Ballrooms at The Marigold seats up to 240 wedding guests alongside a dance floor - giving you the freedom to choose.

As an experienced Indian wedding photographer based out of New Jersey, we have mastered the art of blending in with the crowd without drawing too much attention while delivering candid moments from the dance floor that are natural-looking wedding photos and depict the night as it unfolds in front of our cameras. Also referred to as documentary photography, we document your wedding day, which will tell the story of your beloved union in the most authentic fashion.

This wedding venue in New Jersey is unique because of its custom-made chandeliers that hang in all their glory in the ballrooms. The chandeliers are exquisite Marie Antoinette style pieces of decor made using crystal, which adds to your wedding’s interior design feel, and they look stunning! The curvaceous metal against the crystals’ sparkle cast an ambient light across the room and made the place feel truly palatial. It’s a piece of design that you simply can’t take your eyes off of, taking your wedding decorations to a whole new level of splendor. The ballrooms boast gorgeous French windows that add to their rustic charm. The large windows create a seamless blend with the view outside, and without any structural elements that obstruct it, the windows make the rooms look even more impressive.

If you would rather have your wedding ceremony outdoors, The Marigold wedding venue offers luxurious space in their gardens to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. Their signature Tuscan-style patios are breathtaking in the landscape of a perfectly cared-for garden. The scenery is blooming with various flowers of every season, celebrating the beauty of your blossoming union with vibrant and thriving flowers. The Marigold is also one of the few outdoor wedding venues in New Jersey that features a waterfall and Travertine European Garden Gazebo. The waterfall adds tranquil peace to your outdoor ceremony, with the water’s soothing sound and the elegance of the marble gazebo. The Marigold also offers exclusive Chiavari chairs with ivory padding for the outdoor wedding ceremony, making your ceremonial space look sophisticated and classy. The colors of the outdoor garden are also lovely accents for your family portraits, wedding party photos & your wedding day portraits! The open space and natural light make a perfect combination for your wedding photos of your family and friends to treasure for a lifetime.

The Marigold bridal suite is also an eyecatcher. A spacious room that comes with a marble-topped beauty bar with a salon-sized mirror and adjustable styling chair, the getting-ready process is something every bride would enjoy thoroughly on her wedding day. Moments leading up to the wedding are always filled with emotions of excitement to see your partner, but the bridal room at this wedding venue does its part in creating a peaceful retreat for the bride. It's a privilege to get ready at such a beautiful bridal suite, and it is even better to do so with your wedding party and family alongside. The getting-ready suite also includes a sizable couch and seating facilities for those you want next to you when you’re getting ready. Whether it’s your bridesmaids or the mother of the bride, the room has ample space for some fun bridal party photos (wedding party photos).

A feature that is remarkably unique at The Marigold bridal suite is the interior design. The room is decked with numerous mirrors on every wall, leaving no space for windows. It also had overhead lights that warmed the overall room, which isn't ideal for wedding photos. While this looks fascinating in person, photographing getting ready pictures and bridal portraits can be challenging if you’re not an experienced wedding photographer. Natural light is a fantastic help, although we create our soft natural light with our portable, quick setup photography lighting equipment when there is none. We set up our portable external lights to get the best bridal portraits to create high-quality, unique wedding photos. Our light setup is quick and convenient, giving us more than enough time to tackle any situation where the light is less than ideal and still deliver fantastic quality wedding photos. Being a wedding photographer with hundreds of weddings under our belt as a husband and wife team of photographers, we created different lighting tones despite the absence of natural light in the bridal suite. Do you like bright & vibrant wedding photos of your wedding day? Or would you like moody & dramatic wedding photos? Perhaps a mix of both!? Regardless of your preference for the style of wedding photos - we can create multiple looks throughout the day by creatively using the available lighting or adding lights to complete the look you want for your wedding photos.

The Marigold is also known for its unique food options. Their menu expands over multiple cuisines and holds the same high-quality ethos. They are also praised for their cocktail hours, with complimentary welcome beverages and exquisite champagne toasts!. With an extensive menu, your food options for a sit-down dinner are endless.

The wedding venue also offers a day-of-coordinator and a maître d'hôtel that gives you the pleasure to sit back and enjoy your wedding hassle-free. Their excellent customer service is one of the many reasons we love photographing weddings here. Many couples have raved about their outstanding communication & wedding planning. Many did not need to hire a coordinator because of how well everything was executed at The Marigold. However, having a day of coordinator or even commissioning a full-service wedding planner takes a lot of stress away during the early stages of your wedding planning and, more importantly, on your wedding day. Most full-service wedding planners will help you find all the necessary wedding vendors like wedding photographers, wedding cinematographers, florists, DJs/Wedding bands, event decorators, officiants, just to name a few. After all, getting to stay in the present and enjoying your wedding moments without worrying about your vendors is something every newly engaged couple planning their big day should consider when budgeting for their wedding. Celebrating your wedding stress-free is a great feeling, and this is possible at The Marigold, with their experienced and reliable staff.

If you are planning to celebrate your union with your partner in New Jersey, The Marigold wedding venue should be on your shortlist of wedding venues! This wedding venue has indoor and outdoor ceremonies, a gorgeous bridal room, beautifully landscaped gardens, and professional and courteous staff. Your wedding day here will be full of sweet memories, and we would be honored to document your big day for you! Our wedding photography studio in Clifton, NJ, is located close to The Marigold in Somerset, NJ. We have photographed multiple weddings at this wedding venue & are well versed with the lay of the land. If you like the creative wedding photos we have created for our couples in the past at this wedding venue, we hope you consider reaching out to us! We would be delighted & honored to be your wedding photographers!

Location: 315 Churchill Ave, Somerset, NJ 08873.


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