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Sheraton Parsippany Wedding

The Sheraton Parsippany is a gorgeous wedding venue in New Jersey. It is located in Troy Hills, New Jersey, one of the most sought-after wedding locations for a big fat South Asian wedding. Conveniently located to major airports like Newark Airport (EWR) in Newark, NJ, John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), and LaGuardia Airport, The Sheraton Parsippany Hotel is easily accessible for your wedding guests. It checks all the boxes for an Indian couple considering this wedding venue for their wedding day.

The Sheraton has an expansive space for the numerous pre-wedding events of an Indian wedding - from a large Baraat’s entrance to a vast open area for the Mehendi (Henna) event or a Sangeet event - Sheraton Parsippany Hotel is the epitome of grandeur and glamour for wedding venues in New Jersey.

From its looks, The Sheraton Parsippany Hotel stands tall and proud with roofed turrets that create a castle-like feel, adding to the luxury and glamour. The inspired castle theme continues through the exposed red-brick walls, presenting snippets of the architecture that leaves you with the euphoric feeling of being the prince and princess of a fairytale castle. We’ve taken some elegant wedding photos against the textured walls, with a feature of the architectural brilliance through arches as well. The curves along the windows on the hotel’s exterior create an excellent symmetry and a rich texture, giving us a natural backdrop for remarkable & creative wedding photos.

When photographing weddings at The Sheraton Parsippany, we love taking advantage of this vast grounds for various wedding photos, including couples portraits, wedding party photos, and family formals.

It also overlooks a beautiful lake that serves as a serene location to take morning strolls when you stay at this hotel. The still water against the dreamy castle creates a romantic backdrop for fanciful wedding photos!

The trees provide plenty of shade - a must-have for those summer weddings at The Sheraton Parsippany Hotel! Your outdoor wedding portraits will look stunning - with rich colors of the lush and captivating nature surrounding them. The expansive ground also gives us plenty of space to take photos of large family groupings or wedding/bridal party photos.

If you are planning your wedding at The Sheraton Parsippany, this wedding venue offers a variety of ballroom options to choose from - up to 44 event spaces between 6 floors to choose from! These meeting rooms can be decorated and designed to your liking for an indoor wedding venue, transforming the rooms into banquet halls or reception spaces for your desired wedding event. The Sheraton Parsippany has a maximum capacity of 800 wedding guests - which is an excellent option if you’re planning to organize a big fat Indian wedding. For couples enjoying a theatrical performance, some spaces can also be set up as a theatre, with a stage and lights to have a glamorous Sangeet event, a pre-wedding event for South Asian weddings. The Sangeet event entails an evening of song and dance to celebrate the couple's union before their big day!

One of the unique features of this wedding venue is the bridal suite. The bridal suite at The Sheraton Parsippany is very spacious - an ideal room for you to start getting ready on your big day alongside your bridesmaids. The bridal suite also doubles as a backstage pass for celebrating your wedding party!

The bridal suite is large enough to accommodate your entire bridal party, including the maid of honor, the bride’s mother, and your bridesmaids. The large windows in this room bring in ample natural light. Using this natural light to our advantage, we created some fantastic getting ready photos of the bride getting ready.

Being professional wedding photographers with hundreds of weddings under our belt, we love to create unique images for couples & make any ordinary scene look extraordinary. While photographing the bride getting ready in the bridal suite, we noticed that we could control the light coming into the room & simultaneously create some moody & dramatic wedding photos. By controlling this light, we could draw the viewer’s attention to the bride in a striking fashion. The striking contrast of the bride’s red bridal gown against a black backdrop looked stunning. As the light was very methodically controlled, it only illuminated the bride and the additional people in the photograph who surrounded her. This dramatically pulled the viewer's attention towards the subjects without any distractions. It was a truly unique and distinctive set of getting-ready shots that the bride loved as much as we did! Having a strong sense of observation for light is one of the many aspects of a seasoned creative wedding photographer.

Another aspect we love about The Sheraton Parsippany Hotel is that it is also pet-friendly! You could have your furry friend along on this important day in your life, with plenty of amenities for your pet. They are allowed to be in the rooms with you, giving you comfort and peace of mind when you have enough to worry about on your wedding day. The extensive open gardens will surely get your pet excited, and a family photo wouldn't be complete without your furry buddy. The hotel is also decked with a deluxe indoor and outdoor pool, so the opportunity to have a fun pool party is always open! If you like the calming blue hues of the pool and the sky, this is a unique location for photos where we can get innovative and capture creative wedding photographs.

Being Indian wedding photographers, we know and understand that nothing speaks more of a big fat Indian Wedding than multiple outfit changes for numerous events. The dry cleaning service at The Sheraton Parsippany lets you forget about the hassle of ironing clothes last minute and ensures that your outfits are impeccably presentable for your big day.

The hotel also gives you a breather from the hectic planning process through reservation and wedding planning services. A report that updates you when your guests have RSVP'd and when they plan to arrive, saving you the trouble of endless phone calls and allowing you to relax on your special day. Your guests will love the mobile check-in feature of the hotel, which will enable them to skip standing in lines and check-in and out at their ease and comfort. To know that your guests are well taken care of is extremely important, and this wedding venue offers just that. We recommend hiring a day coordinator if you plan to host a large-scale South Asian wedding. It saves you the hassle of communicating with your vendors and lets you soak in your big day without any worries on your mind.

The hotel is a glorious backdrop to the equally extravagant affair of an Indian wedding. However, amongst the non-stop celebration of love, excitement, and enthusiasm on the wedding day, we like to sneak out the bride and groom for a quick nighttime wedding photo for a few minutes. Before bringing the couple out, we have our portable light setup ready to go to minimize downtime. This allows us to free up the couple fast and go back to celebrate with their friends & family for their wedding reception.

A picture that narrates a story of their wedding day - these wedding photos are usually one of the most memorable moments for the couple. Being away from the controlled chaos also gives our couple a few moments to themselves & soak it all in. For this nighttime wedding photo, we thoughtfully incorporated their wedding colors and the exposed brick texture of the wall, which is a prominent part of the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel’s aesthetics.

If you plan a big wedding celebration in New Jersey, The Sheraton Parsippany Hotel should be on top of your wedding locations list. With abundant amenities to host a large-scale wedding, this wedding venue is desirable for an Indian wedding. Our wedding photography studio is located nearby to this wedding venue & we’ve photographed multiple weddings here. We would love the opportunity to be your wedding photographer! If you are thinking of hosting your wedding at The Sheraton Parsippany Hotel and like the photos we have taken at this beautiful location, please reach out to us.

Location: 199 Smith Rd, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ 07054.


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