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Every photographer has their own style. With Ishan Fotografi, you’ll get the creative direction from an artistic photographer (Preeti) and technical wisdom from an inventive photographer (Ishan).

We use a combination of artificial and natural light, comprehensive editing, and a documentary approach to taking your photos.

Add that to creative posing and unique composition, and you’ve got the making of gorgeous photos you’ll admire for years.

You want joyful, lasting photos that look and feel just like you imagined they would.

You are here because you want wedding photos that capture how you are feeling on the day you marry your soulmate. And that shows how gorgeous you both look.

You want photos you can’t help but stare at. That will make you smile every time you look at them. That shows the joy, the love, and the happiness you felt at that exact moment.

Our style isn’t canned poses and bland smiles. We capture the emotion throughout the day. From getting ready to the last dance. The quick smile you give each other as you chat with grandma to the laughter when your best man gives his speech.

We call this a hybrid between photojournalism and a hint of tailored direction. You’ll end up with gorgeous photos that don’t look overly posed. Instead, we will give you clues to make you look and feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

We guide you with posing whenever necessary so your wedding day portraits and engagement photos look timeless and modern.

Our goal is to capture the chemistry between you. And even if you’ve never been professionally photographed together, we want to show the emotion you are feeling that day.

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You will end up with photos that have a warm feel to them, full of real, palpable emotions.

Your wedding day photos should tell a story.

Uncomfortable looking photos usually start with awkward poses or people who aren’t feeling relaxed in that situation. Which is why we won’t make you stand in a strange position while staring blankly at the camera. Instead, we go to great lengths to make you feel comfortable and composed in front of the camera and with each other.

We then take tons of photos that are unique to you as a couple. No checklist of bland poses or corny pics here!

Along with all the creative photos, we will also photograph you and your partner in some of the more traditional camera aware poses because, let’s face it, they are also nice to have.

During your wedding, we blend into the background, shooting images but staying out of the way. That doesn’t mean we aren’t capturing great shots. But we think moments like the getting ready part of the day, the ceremony, and the reception should be about you, not about us getting in the way to take the perfect shot.

Our photojournalistic approach combined with years of experience as wedding photographers means we anticipate moments before they happen and document them. And that we can create magical moments, even if the weather isn’t ideal.

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That photo journalistic approach also takes us into the middle of the action if there is a great shot to be made. Ultimately, we want to capture your story with natural feeling, beautiful photos.

We use light & shadows to create gorgeous photos.

Great photography comes down to understanding and using light and shadows to capture the mood and the emotion. We use a combination of natural and artificial lighting to take creative and artistic photographs for you, so even if the weather is rainy, overcast, or harshly lit with bright sunlight, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered!

Our lighting gear is fast, mobile, and easy to set up. We bring a dedicated assistant who helps us with our lighting gear allowing us to move very quickly and efficiently throughout the wedding day.

We utilize light to create rich, true to life colors with contrast. There is a beautiful balance of light and shadows in the photos we make without them being overly dramatic.

From backing up your photos to editing every image by hand, we’re focused on producing memorable photographs for you.

As our wedding photography style gravitates more towards the photojournalistic approach when we are not directing you for your portraits and your family formals - we are always anticipating and chasing moments throughout the day.

We also know one of your biggest concerns might be losing your photos - and we have a plan to make sure that never happens! We use professional-grade Nikon full-frame cameras that hold two memory cards, and your images are backed up throughout your wedding day. Also, as soon as we arrive back at our photography studio in Clifton, NJ, we make multiple backups of your photos.

Once your wedding photos are safely backed up, we loosely cull the photos - removing repeats, images of someone walking in front of our cameras, etc.

Next is hand editing your photos. All your images will receive attention individually. We do not use a batch process to edit your photos. Every image will be adjusted for brightness, contrast, color, white balance, and cropped appropriately. Images that are selected for your wedding albums and prints will also receive an additional round of edits to remove any imperfections. Extensive editing can also be requested for an additional charge.

Our editing style (which compliments our photography style) is modern and has a strong sense of color and contrast. Highlights alongside shadows are beautifully balanced without it being too moody or dramatic. Above all, your engagement and wedding photos will have true to life colors that will remain timeless for generations to come.

We use our chemistry to capture yours.

Being a husband and wife team of photographers, we are fortunate to have an amazing working relationship. We are constantly investing time and energy learning new techniques, honing our skills to always deliver consistent and creative imagery.

Our photography styles are different yet complementary to each other. We use different favorite lenses and view each shot in distinctly unique ways. As well, our perspectives are different so you get a comprehensive range of photos of the same scene.

For example, we can take shots that show tons of the surrounding scenery followed by some close-up shots. We know you want different photos to fulfill different needs so we strive to give you a wide range of images to choose from.

Having photographed hundreds of weddings and working together since 2012, we have found a rhythm and balance allowing us to simultaneously focus on multiple aspects of your wedding day. We work together to ensure we capture all the photos you need to make your day extra special.

One of the biggest benefits of having two lead photographers...we can split up and shoot different things at the same time. For example, during the getting ready party of the day, each partner can be photographed simultaneously. If you wish to do a first look on your wedding day with your partner, we can capture both of your reactions at the same time.

We also photograph reactions during your wedding. One of us will be photographing you and your partner, the other will document the reactions shared by your family and friends. We follow this ideology throughout the day well into the reception including your first dance, wedding toasts, and also when the dance floor is open for the party!

This approach allows us to document different perspectives of your wedding day from multiple angles and your wedding day photos will tell a vivid, complete story.

The other advantage of us being a couple? We can quickly show you a pose ourselves! This is super helpful especially when we may be short on time for your wedding portraits or if you are camera shy. Our past couples have mentioned how helpful they find watching us pose. It inspires confidence and also - if we can pose, anyone can!

“If you are blessed to have photographers that really treat you like family and keep the day on schedule then that’s something we should all sign up for!” - Shefali

Our special process for working with large groups.

Working with large groups can be challenging, which is why we’ve created a process to help make those particular photographs effortless.

Part of our process includes a wedding questionnaire where you can decide what large groups you want to photograph. We recommend keeping your family formals list to around 10 to 15 groupings as it takes around to 3 to 5 minutes per grouping depending on the size of the grouping.

During family formals, one of us is behind the camera while the other helps coordinate the family members and make sure they are posed correctly. We work hard to ensure that everyone, from the tiniest children to your elderly relatives are participating in the photos.

For your wedding party photos, we keep it fun with tons of interactions! And even if you have a huge wedding party, we can handle it. We’ve photographed as many as 28 members in a wedding party (with great success, of course!). We are also happy to photograph you with each individual member of your wedding party - time and schedule permitting.

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