Now that you’re engaged and planning your wedding, you might be discovering that there are A LOT of decisions to be made. Especially, when it comes to investing in big-ticket items, like your venue and vendors. 

And perhaps because of that, you’ve found yourself asking some common questions:

  • Where do we want to get married?
  • Should we hire a wedding planner?
  • When do we need to make this decision by?
  • How much does photography cost?
  • Do we want/need a video?

At the same time, there are also some not-so-obvious questions that may come up.

I found a photographer that also offers video.
Should I hire them?

I mean, why wouldn’t you want to check off two vendors off your list at one same, right?!

It’s tempting. For starters, it might seem easier and more convenient to work with only one vendor. And two, you could save money. 

But as we point out in this post, it might not be the best idea.

Because even though photographers are capable of producing video (and vice versa), most of them don’t do it well. 

In our professional opinion, these are two completely different art forms. And on a day as important as your wedding, it should be left to two different artists who specialize in two different skills.

3 Reasons to Keep Photography & Videography Services Separate 


When you hire a photographer who also offers videography, you may end up getting something different than expected in terms of style and cohesiveness. 

Sometimes the photography team won’t be able to offer the video style you’re looking for. Or they might outsource their video work to a third party. And in either case, you’re not guaranteed to receive the same look your photographer produces. 

Why is style and look so important? Well, it’s helpful when your memories look the way you envisioned them. And consistent from photos to video. 

For example, you probably don’t want one to look natural and true-to-life while the other is overly edited to look super bright or severely dark. You also probably don’t want one to include a mix of events, people, and details while the other only focuses on capturing the big moments.

At the end of the day, choosing your vendors is a big decision. And you’re better off choosing someone’s style you prefer instead of it being chosen for you.


If a photographer is hiring out a contract videographer (i.e. someone who isn’t employed by them or works for their company full-time), you might want to reconsider. Why? Because more often than not, no contract laborer will put in the same amount of energy, dedication, and passion into their work as an individual business owner will.

While, if you hire a videographer who specializes only in video, they will just focus on their craft. And, ultimately, put their best foot forward.

Like us! When you hire independent photographers, we only focus on photography.

We have way more experience in capturing still photos. We prefer to focus on and perfect our chosen art form. And because of this, we deliver exceptional results.

Video also has many other moving aspects, like audio – which most couples overlook, but is one of the most essential and differentiating elements. There’s also a lot of editing involved – which is much more complicated and complex. 

The biggest takeaway: It’s unlikely that a photographer will have just as much experience capturing and producing video as they do photos (and vice versa). And in reality, the majority of photographers/videographers will not be suited to do both jobs well.  


A company may be able to offer you a lower price with a bundled service, but the quality of the product may not meet your expectations. And if you receive photos and videos you’re not 100% in love with, then, quite frankly, the discounted fee probably isn’t worth it.

On this once-in-a-lifetime day, you shouldn’t be left with something you don’t love, or that’s of bad quality. Especially when that something is supposed to last you forever. 

Quality comes with passion, experience, and focus. So, can a videographer photograph family portraits? Sure. But can they do it as well as someone who has made it their life’s work? Probably not. 

In a nutshell: We don’t offer video services because we know you’ll get a better product if you hire someone who only focuses on video. 

Someone like Orange Films NY, Bliss Wedding Films, and My Wedding Maker.
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